Cussing for Kids!
Cussing for Kids!

Cussing for Kids!

Etiquette for the Profance

Jimmy Huston

Strangely enough, there is no profanity in this lighthearted book. Instead, it is about why we cuss, how to cuss, how to cuss well, when to cuss, and how to get away with it. There's also a bit about where to cuss. But no actual cussing.

The first-ever profanity primer, this book deals with swearing in a humorous, intelligent way.

It gives kids insight into proper and correct cussing, and when NOT to cuss. It also gets into the effect cussing can have on others. And, there are pictures.

37 pages
31 full-color illustrations

The perfect gift for
Sunday School teachers.

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About the Author

Jimmy Huston lives in Woodland Hills, CA, where he is hiding out from the Methodist Church. He has been researching this book for years and is considered by many to be an expert on the subject of obscenity. That offends him greatly.

Please don’t tell his mother that he wrote this book.