Nate-Nate the Christmas Snake: Illustrated

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This uplifting tale is meant to be read aloud to children and is filled with challenging tongue-twisters, delightful bon mots, and jovial semi-rhymes.

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read by Sean Glasgow on


the Christmas Snake

Written by Jimmy Huston
Illustrated by Leslie Hodges

He may be average, but he’s not ordinary. Not at all. He’s curious. And friendly. Those are good traits usually, but Nate-Nate knows all too well that no one wants to hang out with a friendly neighborhood snake.

It’s a solitary life for young Nate-Nate, slithering among the giants who live above him on Candy Cane Lane, but he never complains.

Snakes don’t get holidays (not even Christmas) and aren’t too good at making friends -- but perhaps this year will be different -- so Nate-Nate eagerly joins in the happy celebration.

But -- when the neighborhood's joyful holiday mood is threatened, he slithers to the rescue. Alone as usual, and despite being a lowly snake in everyone's eyes, the outcast Nate-Nate bravely stands up to the threat and saves Candy Cane Lane.

Through his adventures he discovers the spirit of Christmas and becomes the legend known far and wide as Nate-Nate the Christmas Snake.  

44 pages
16 beautiful full-color illustrations


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About the Author

A longtime screenwriter and filmmaker, Jimmy Huston lives with his wife and dog in Woodland Hills, California, very near world-renowned Candy Cane Lane.


“Happily telling it like it is, snakewise.” - Brer Snake

“Finally, a snake I can appreciate.” - Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

“A happy, happy tail -- and a good tale, too.” - Santa C.

“Much better than I’d expected.” - Eve