The Dyslexic Handbook



The OCD Funbook


Jimmy Huston

This odd book is an astonishing match for the personalities of kids who are struggling to understand their OCD behaviors. It’s also informative for their parents, who are also struggling.

Frustrations and anxieties are explored and OCD is examined in a fresh and empathetic manner.

While this is not exactly a cure, it’s better than watching TV or washing dishes. There are meaningless exercises throughout that illustrate OCD behaviors and sometimes suggest alternative activities to replace them.

Once OCD kids start on this book, they’ll be occupied for hours. And parents will wonder why they keep laughing out loud.

As a special bonus, only when ordered directly from Cosworth Publishing, the books come with a special bubble-wrap cover.

Illustrations: 54 full color illustrations

About the Author

Jimmy Huston has written books for kids about ADHD, reading issues, dyslexia, autism, cussing, belching, and not going to college. He has just enough OCD stuff going on that it forced him to finish it, but not enough to make him clean his room clean his room clean his room. He lives in Woodland Hills, California, with his wife and dog, who have both just about had enough.